A Narrative Inquiry on the Processes and Data Used by LPAC Administrators to Reclassify English Learners

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Summer 2021


The English learner (EL) population, specifically Spanish-speaking ELs, has more than doubled in the last decade in the United States. Bilingual education programs seek to prepare ELs to master grade-level content and improve their English proficiency. English learners who demonstrate English proficiency by meeting state criteria can be reclassified as English proficient (EP). Federal policy requires that a Language Proficiency and Assessment Committee (LPAC) be created to oversee this reclassification process. A campus administrator is given the task to chair the LPAC through all required policy implementation and procedures, including ELs’ classification and reclassification. However, some ELs never meet the reclassification criteria; meanwhile, their academic achievement gap continues to increase compared to their EP counterparts. The purpose of this study was to explore LPAC chairs’ experiences with the processes and data used when reclassifying EL students. Specifically, the researcher investigated how the LPAC administrator interprets the educational policies governing the reclassification process and implements these policies through the LPAC decision-making during a school year. A South Texas school district was selected for this study based on its demographic composition of ELs, who account for over 52% of the student population. Purposeful sampling was used to select the nine participants who met the following criteria: (a) has a minimum of 2 years of experience as a school administrator, and (b) has served a minimum of 1 school year as an LPAC chair. The participants’ narratives provided differences in perspectives and interpretations regarding ELs and even highlighted different procedures by the chairs for reclassifying EL students.


Melissa Arrambide

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision