Is Performance Being Bought? Data Envelopment Analysis of Professional Road Cycling

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Master of Science (MS)


Health and Human Performance

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Fall 2020


Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)-based Malmquist Productivity Index (MPI) (DEA-MPI) approach was used to evaluate the performance efficiency of professional cycling team, Team INEOS (previously Team Sky) for the period 2010–2019. Since Team INEOS have been active on the professional stage since 2010, there have been multiple ways in which they have been successful, particularly the managerial strategic input decisions of the team and physical characteristics of the riders recruited to the team. Through DEA-MPI analysis, 2013 was the highest performance efficiency for Team INEOS. More specifically, Linear Regression (LR) analyses determined no significant predictability (p > .05) between ranking points (p = .179), ranking position (p = .313), and prize money (p = .294) based on budget. Pearson r correlation determined there was a statistically insignificant (p > .05), weak, positive correlation between ranking position and budget (p = .156), prize money and budget (p = .147) and ranking points and budget (p = .090), however this model approached significance. DEA-MPI analysis was useful in determining the most efficient year and could be used for further analysis.


Samantha Roberts

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Sports Sciences