Middle School Principals and Family Engagement: A Multifaceted Three-Dimensional Narrative Inquiry

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Summer 2021


At the local level of the problem, the District (pseudonym) had three middle school campuses with Title I funding status. There was little or no research related to middle school principals’ perceptions of family engagement. The purpose of this multifaceted three-dimensional narrative inquiry was to explore middle school principals’ perceptions of their experiences with family engagement within the professional knowledge landscape of leading a middle school within a predominantly African American setting. Three principals were recruited to share their narratives about leading urban middle schools not rated as high-performing and serving predominantly African American students. By conducting a multifaceted three-dimensional narrative inquiry, a thorough understanding of middle school administrators’ backward, forward, inward, outward, and situated in place experiences and perspectives was documented. This study aligned directly with Epstein’s overlapping spheres of influence that formed the conceptual framework.


Julia Ballenger

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision