A Qualitative Study Examining North Texas Women Leaders' ascension into the Superintendency

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Summer 2020


The world of leadership is continually evolving and changing with the times. One area of leadership that continues to lag behind is the advancement of women into key leadership positions at the helm of school leadership. The purpose of this basic qualitative study is to understand the career obstacles for female leaders’ ascension into the superintendent role at various school districts in the North Texas area. The researcher used basic qualitative research practices to examine participants’ beliefs, opinions, attitudes, or ideas about the topic of study. The ascension of women into the superintendency in a school district is affected by gender bias. For this study, the researcher explored the central phenomenon of women’s ascension to the superintendency and their experiences overcoming obstacles. Data collection included interviews, observations, and the examination of documents. The research process included reflexivity, a research tool used to allow the researcher to reflect on the research process to provide a more effective and impartial analysis of the career obstacles that female superintendents face throughout their ascension to the superintendency. Reflexivity is used to acknowledge preconceptions and assumptions that the researcher brings to the research process that may shape outcomes of the findings and recommendations of the study. Reflexivity was used to explain the participants’ backgrounds, including their work experiences, history, and cultural experiences. The anticipated benefit of this study is a greater understanding of the obstacles that female superintendents face through their ascension into the superintendent role. The researcher intended to add information to the existing literature to assist in developing needed mentoring and training to women leaders in the field of education who aspire to be superintendents.


Ava Munoz

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Education | Elementary Education