Comparative Study of Metal Ion Labeling of the Conformational and Charge States of Native and Disulfide Reduced Lysozyme

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Master of Science (MS)



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Summer 2013


The research investigates the metal ion labeling of various conformational and charge states of native and disulfide reduced lysozyme using divalent metal ion tags of Zn2+ and Fe2+. The study used travelling-wave ion mobility with quadrupole and orthogonal time-of-flight mass spectrometry to quantify the extent of metal ion labeling of lysozyme as a function of pH, charge state and conformation. The characterization of three-dimensional protein structure by ion mobility mass spectrometry is an area of current interest as the gas-phase conformation, in many instances, can be related to that of the solution-phase. Labeling of native and disulfide reduced lysozyme was conducted with 30-fold molar excess of Zn2+ and 30-fold molar excess of Fe2+ and collision cross sections were calculated for the various species observed. The calculated cross-sections were compared with cross sections from published X-ray crystallography and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and are found to be in good agreement with these structures. Disulfide reduced lysozyme exhibited four distinct conformational families in the gas-phase termed as the highly folded, folded, partially unfolded and unfolded. Labeling of these conformational states was observed to differ with the partially unfolded 7+charge state of lysozyme exhibiting the greatest extent of labeling.


Laurence Angel

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Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics