Pawsitive Method: Finding A Dog Match Based On Lifestyle

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Summer 2012


Most dogs are cute, and some breeds have seen a rise in popularity after being featured in movies and television shows. When it comes to adopting a dog, there are several other things to consider. Many people relinquish dogs to animal shelters for reasons that could have been considered if the adopter had learned a bit more about the breed or breed mix before allowing a puppy's cuteness convince them to take the animal home. This study looked into a way to better match a person to a dog breed or breed mix based on the lifestyle of the adopter. Through looking at dating websites like Chemistry.com and finding a way to parallel its process for animals, an adopter- and dog-matching website was created that included a series of questions about a person's lifestyle. Based on the answers given to these questions, each participant was matched with a dog from the virtual dog shelter. The strategy behind the site could change the dog-adoption process at animal shelters and possibly lead to a decrease in the relinquishment of dogs. Adopters would be able to know why an animal was a match based on a redesign of the dog's cage card.


James Ewald

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Arts and Humanities