External Factors Affecting the Mission Statement of Community Coleges Accredited By the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission On Colleges

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Higher Edu and Learning Technology

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Spring 2012


This study evaluated the perception of community college presidents regarding the influence of external factors on the mission statement of selected community colleges. Additional purposes of the study were to determine the perception of these presidents when compared by identified demographic data. Chapter 2 was based on a systematic review of literature on the subjects of community colleges, the mission of community colleges and how the mission is presented in the form of a mission statement. Literature is presented on many of the external factors that affect the operational management of the college as well as strategic planning and the development of the vision and mission of the institution. The study was carried out using a survey instrument that was mailed to all presidents, interim-presidents, or CEO of Level I colleges accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The survey instrument was used to capture responses to 34 key external factors that had been identified in a previous study. The responses to the survey were used to statistically report results based on unique demographic groups as well as across group comparisons. The data were also used to test three null hypotheses. The results of the statistical analysis showed that overall the community college presidents agreed that external factors influenced the mission statement of the community college.


Joyce Miller

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Education | Educational Technology