Modeling the Thermal Evolution of MXB 1659-29

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Master of Science (MS)


Physics and Astronomy

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Summer 2023


Low-mass x-ray binaries consist of one neutron star or black hole and a companion star of lower mass than that of our sun that is cannibalized over time, resulting in a brilliant x-ray burst from the former. The observation of the neutron star's cooling curve when it is quiescent can give us insight to the internal structure of the crust as it comes into equilibrium with the core. Using UNAM Dany Page's 1D fortran cooling code, NSCool, we have modelled multiple generated equations of state against data gathered with Chandra and XMM-Newton from the double episode accretion source, MXB 1659-29, to gain constraints on the neutron star's crust. Varying chosen parameters allows us to see their direct effects on the predicted thermal evolution of these equations of state and can aid in the adjustment of them to give the most accurate fit.


William Newton

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Astrophysics and Astronomy | Physical Sciences and Mathematics