An Interpretive Qualitative Study Exploring the Perceptions of Elementary Music Teachers on Long-Term, Campus-Wide Professional Development

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Summer 2023


Elementary music teachers are required to attend long-term, campus-wide professional development outside their content area. The purpose of this interpretive qualitative study was to better understand how elementary music teachers in a North Texas and a South-Central Colorado school district who have had five or more years of teaching experience perceived and interpreted their experiences of long-term, campus-wide professional development which is outside their instructional content. Participants in this study included six teachers from North Texas and South-Central Colorado. The literature review examined aspects of how the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 (2002) and the Every Child Succeeds Act (2015) impacted professional development, accountability, professional learning communities, Desimone’s framework of effective professional development, and educators’ perceptions of professional development. Participants were questioned through two separate Zoom interviews within two weeks. Themes were coded and analyzed from the interviews. The empirical applications of this interpretive qualitative study will inform principals of the need to identify concerns over whole-staff development with their elementary music teachers, provide continuing training in areas outside of their content area, and allow time to collaborate and refine instructional strategies they may have learned from the whole-staff professional development.


Julia Ballenger

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Education | Teacher Education and Professional Development