Examining Targeted Factors That Influence High Conflict Divorce Parenting Behaviors for Future Interventions

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)



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Summer 2023


High-conflict divorce, so named due to its sometimes-contentious nature, floods our legal and judicial systems due to parents’ inability to come to decisions based on their children. There is an abundance of research on post-divorce interventions but not for pre-divorce processes. Understanding what is needed to help these families preemptively before problems are escalated could aid not only families but also the legal and judicial system. Inviting therapeutic interventions and becoming part of a multi-disciplinary team alongside the legal and justice system could bring relief to an already difficult situation. The researcher was interested in both the total scores from the assessment as well as the sub-scales. A sample of 86 individuals were recruited through both email and Facebook. Participants completed a survey with demographic information and the assessment measure Multidimensional Co-Parenting Scale for Dissolved Relationships (MCS-DR). The researcher used multiple regression analysis in this study. The results revealed significant relationships in three of the sub-scales with one of the sub-scales failing to meet significance in the multiple regression model. Limitations, implications, and recommendations for future interventions and research are provided.


Ajitha Kumaran

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Counseling | Social and Behavioral Sciences