Campus Administrators’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of Social Media Usage in North Texas Suburban K–6 Elementary Schools: A Narrative Inquiry Study

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Spring 2023


The use of social media in the classroom is growing throughout the world. In fact, social media is a part of the everyday life of both students and educators. The primary purpose of using social media in the educational setting is to enhance student learning; however, some teachers are reluctant to incorporate social media into their classroom. In this narrative inquiry qualitative study, the researcher explored the perceptions of campus administrators and teachers regarding social media, specifically, instructional planning, instructional delivery, and student learning in a district in North Texas suburban K-6 elementary schools. It is the researcher’s hope that evidence from the study enhances student learning and helps put reluctant teachers at ease.


Teresa Farler

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Education | Educational Technology