Ages of Old Open Clusters in the Kepler Field from Detached Eclipsing Binaries

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Open clusters in the Kepler field are becoming a test bed for all of the major methods of age determination for stars. We present preliminary results for Kepler observations and supporting ground-based observations of detached eclipsing binaries in the old open clusters NGC 6791 and NGC 6819. The goals of this program are to characterize an ensemble of multiple star systems that can 1) constrain the cluster ages more strongly than any other technique via mass and radius measurements of evolved stars, and 2) precisely determine the masses and radii of stars spanning the cluster color-magnitude diagrams in order to validate model predictions for photometry.We gratefully acknowledge funding from the NSF under grant AST 0908536 (E.S.) and AST-0908082 (R.M.), and NASA under grant NNX11AC76G.


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