An Updated look at the Initial-Final Mass Relation with Five Open Clusters


Paul Canton
Kurtis A. Williams

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American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts

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The Initial-Final Mass Relation (IFMR) maps a stars ZAMS mass to it's white dwarf mass. The IFMR tells us how much material a star ejects back into the ISM over the course of its lifetime, and is also crucial for deriving minimum ages of the galactic components from studies of the coolest white dwarf stars. We have taken deep multislit observations of M34, M35, M67, NGC6633, and NGC7063 using the Keck-II telescope. We have applied models to spectroscopically confirmed white dwarfs which have zeroed in on each star's effective temperature and surface gravity. Cooling ages for these white dwarfs have in turn been determined, and subtracting this from the cluster's age has given us each white dwarfs main sequence lifetime. Isochrones in turn have been invoked to get each white dwarfs inital (ZAMS) mass. Analyzing data from five clusters of various ages has enabled us to sample a range of ZAMS masses, populating the initial mass parameter space which allows for a more precise IFMR.


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