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Submissions from 2021

Introduction to Nuclear Reactions, Carlos A. Bertulani and Pawel Danielewicz

Submissions from 2020


Combined Opportunistic and Equilibrium Life-history Traits Facilitate Successful Invasions of the Shimofuri Goby (Tridentiger Bifasciatus), Jiao Qin, Miao Xiang, Meixiang Jia, Fei Cheng, Bjorn V. Schmidt, Jian Liu, and Songguang Xie


A Review of Potential Factors Promoting Fish Movement in Inter-basin Water Transfers, with Emergent Patterns from a Trait-based Risk Analysis for a Large-scale Project in China, Bjorn V. Schmidt, Zhen Wang, Peng Ren, Chuanbo Guo, Jiao Qin, Fei Cheng, and Songguang Xie


Does the Age of an IT Executive Impact Adoption Levels of Cloud Computing Services?, Marcus L. Smith

Submissions from 2013

Nuclei in the Cosmos, Carlos A. Bertulani